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Panda Graphene Mockup 11.png
Panda Graphene Mockup 11.png

Panda Graphene + Ceramic Spray Coating
$44.99. $39.99

Panda Graphene + Ceramic Spray coating is a 1 year sprayable coating engineered with Sio2, carnauba & a graphe ne dispersion. Our graphene spray combines extreme hydrop   hobic properties with enhanced gloss, UV & water spot protection as well as minor scratch resistance. This was formulated with both professional detailers and car Enthusiasts in mind.

• This formula will provide 3X the water beading of normal spray coatings!

• Graphene + Ceramic will provide EXCELLENT gloss & Depth of your paint!

• Graphene's benefits are added scratch, UV & water spotting resistance


Panda Wax & Shine Mockup 11.jpg

Panda Wax & Shine
$24.99  19.99


• Easy on, easy off formula that can be used in the shade or sun!

• Makes maintenance washes easy with a simple rinse.

• Up to one year of protection Graphene spray coatings are a blend of ceramic

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