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Spray Sealant Quick Detailer

  • Spray Sealant Remove light dust, finger prints and bird droppings, simply spray and wipe for a perfect and slick finish.

  • He advanced formula works as a new protective layer and also as a maintenance Spray Sealant for waxed, sealed and ceramic coated vehicles, its advanced formula makes the paint slick and also amplifies shine on your paint adding a new layer of protection that last longer than any traditional waxes. Just spray on and find out for yourself.

Use This To:

  • Get an instant wet finish

  • Create a slick surface that helps repel debris

  • Shine and seal with a few sprays

  • Apply just the right amount of product

  • Bead and repel water

Why This Is Great:

Spray Sealant Quick Detailer that easily sprays on for durable protection against the elements and an intense high gloss shine. Simply shake, spray, and wipe for amazing results! 


Spray and wipe to remove light dust or finger prints.
When using as a new protectant layer use after you wash, clay, polish and panel prep the surface for better results.
Note: After you clean the surface is recommended to use Wax and sealant to a higher protection and prevent exposure to the bare clean area.


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