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Stain Remover Hand kit

  • Original Stain Remover quickly removes tough stains from carpet, fabric, and upholstery. The stain cleaning formula is the perfect choice for removing dirt, grease, food, and coffee stains from interior and exterior upholstery.

  • Original Stain Remover safely lifts and removes stains from fabric to restore the original color and appearance. The stain cleaning formula is great for cleaning spilled wine, coffee and juice.

  • Original Stain Remover is designed using stain-lifting technology that removes the toughest spills and stains from carpets, seats, and upholstery.

  • Simply spray on the surface and Original Stain Remover does all the work. Easily clean stains from all fabric surfaces for maximum versatility. Use Original Stain Remove around the home for quickly cleaning any stains.


$44.99  $39.99

$19.99  $14.99

$24.99  $19.99

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