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Use This To: 

  • Loosen and lift stuck on contaminants

  • Stop worrying about etching or staining

  • Remove brake dust before it permanently embeds

  • Clean without the use of harsh chemicals

  • Safely clean any type of wheel

Wheel Cleaner

  • Original Wheel Cleaner is designed to safely clean all wheels and rims.

  • The advanced wheel cleaning formula removes brake dust, dirt, and grime from all wheel surfaces.

  • Original Wheel Cleaner removes heavy brake dust  in seconds.

  • The innovative wheel cleaner works on all wheels, rims, and tires for superior results.

  • Safely clean all wheels and tires with Original Wheel Cleaner.

WhyThis Is Great:

Wheel Cleaner is a pH balanced wheel and rim cleaner that uses gentle oxygen infused foam to safely clean any wheel finish. This non caustic formula is perfect for weekly maintenance washes!


  • Shake well.

  • Rinse wheels using clean water.

  • Spray Original Wheel Cleaner on wheels and tires.

  • Scrub wheels and tires to remove brake dust, dirt, grime, and road filth.

  • Rinse wheels and tires using clean water for a  spot-free shine

  • Dry using a microfiber towel    

  • Enjoy your clean wheels.


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